rez bunkrem enThis building from 1938 was then assigned to No. 15 in the construction sector D-20 Velocity, which fell under It was built on a request of the Directorate of Czechoslovak army fortification works from 14/06/1937. Antonin Kurel company, Bendova street 19, Plzen was then selected in tender. This company manufactured all 43 buildings of this section, which was divided into two sequences. Military construction superviser was Major Charles Sprongl. Concreting of the grounds happened on August 23rd and 24th 1937.

The building is equipped with two major loopholes for the management side firings, shot type A. The axes form an angle of 140 degrees. The reason for this is so that the firing arcs overlap with others. This building has reinforced version of it's resistance level, like most of the grounds of the first sequence.

The front, reinforced concrete 120 cm thick wall, is provided with earthen backfill under which is stone filler. This measure strengthens residence of the building in case of direct fire from heavy weapons calibers. The rounded ens of the projecting wall, nicknamed ears, protected side loopholes from direct firing. The joist strength is 100 cm. Ceiling is covered with a layer of soil and grassing to impede the aerial survey.

The strength of external walls is 80 cm. Weight of used reinforcement is 6617 kg. The concrete strength reached 460 kg/cm2 when tested. The entrance of the building was protected by the front-facing porthole entrance hall, which is closed off by bars. The building itself is equipped by armored doors.

A garnet slip leads to the left of the entrance. Underneath there is concreted detonation plate for grenades explosions. Hooks in the top concrete edge (so called waiting) were there to hang masks. This part of the building was formed by supporting wires anchored to the ground. They were covered by branches and similar materials, masking the place. The objects were linked by trenches.

Important part also played the distinctive camouflage painting so typice for this segment. Its task was not to make the building invisible but distort the shape in a way so that when viewed from a distance, the location of the loopholes was not apparent. In fact you can have a look for yourselves.

And what waits you on the tour?

In addition to introduction to other details you will see a unique exhibition of a fully functional, armed and equipped bunker as if it was September 1938. Ventilation system, loopholes equipped with complete Brno carriages, vz. 37 including light machine gun and heavy machine gun vz. 26 vz. 7/24 Schwarzlose. Vz. 24 rifles, vz. 30 rocket gun, vz. 24 pistol and machine gun pistol vz. 38. Ammunition stored in period boxes, waste benches for used charges, observation periscopes, communications equipment, contemporary military equipment and other exhibits that will bring you closer to the atmosphere of that time.

We are looking forvard to your visit. Tour dates are listed in section Contacts.

The building is permanently empty. The inventory is only imported for mening days. The building is electronically secured and guarded by security guards.

We are also preparing an exposition of anti-tank section and perimeter barriers.